klik hier om de nederlandse versie te gebruiken Make your own Socio-Code :

On parties or meetings, it would be nice to recognise what someone expects of the meeting, what xe likes or wants. Don't worry, i have found something out to help us, a recognisable code, the


You can put a little sticker on your clothing with colors that for the moment give away your mood. I would e.g. put on the folowing colors red, orange, yellow and green. I would put them on my nametag. A nametag is very handy, because you won't have to introduce yourself and can start communicating at once.

It is presumably a large row of colored stickers, so i have made up an unique combination of figures instead of colors. Somewhat complicated, but at the end a lot easier and less eye catching...

Below you can click on or off your mood and find out which number you should put on:

- i only want to mingle 0 white/nothing
- i love some safe sex 1 red
- i just want to cuddle and hug 2 orange
-  i am in for an intelligent conversation 4 yellow
- momenteraly without partner 8 green
- i want to have a steady relation 16 blue
- i am not into the opposite sex 32 purple
Je Socio-Code is:  
Your last moods collected:    
Put your name in between the ##  

Digitaly my number would be the sum of some colors up above and would collect to 15.

To be short, when anyone is odd, then ...... (safe of course!)
At 8 you can see if someone is free ...
Above 15, watch out not to be taken to hawai for a honeymoon....
More than 32, its for the holes ...

So you can make your own range of numbers, e.g. someone who doesn not want to have sex and no relation has to be in between 2 and 16 ....
Or 32 en 48 for the holes..

No bodyly contact and no relation: in between 4 and 16

Lets say tha you are"< 9" (less than 9) when you want to be conquerred and do not want to let know if you'r upto some sex

Did you find someone, test the person at https://lovecalculator.com/: you will never know if you will ever be an 8!


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